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Remake Band Colours Patch . 3"/ 75mm Dia.  (3 only) first come first served)
I at last had 4 of these made - and after initial artwork of £30

 and having 4 made they come out at £25-00 each plus P & P  £1-50

Painting by Sam Brown of the Conway being towed by a tug
The John McGavin Memorial Prize to D G Clutterbuck July 1928 Signalling Proficiency on Ebay earlier in 2009
Vice Admiral Sir David Clutterbuck RN KBE CB HMS Conway (1926-29) Deputy Supreme Allied Commander North Atlantic during 2nd World War
He died in December 2008

David Clutterbuck’s naval career included front-line service throughout the whole of the Second World War, and he took part in several of its significant battles.

His career began at the hard school of the training ship Conway, moored in the Mersey primarily for the education of young Merchant Navy officers. On graduation, he was awarded the King’s Gold Medal and won the Torr Prize. Promoted to midshipman in January 1931, he served in the cruiser Sussex in the Mediterranean and, after the normal progression of courses, examinations and promotions, was appointed as a watchkeeping lieutenant in the cruiser Dunedin in the Royal New Zealand Navy. more

Chairman's Prize awarded to W A Thompson 1911  on Ebay 2009 for $1,000 US in Argentina. 
HMS Conway Rowing Gig Medal 1937 (as seen on ebay) HMS Conway Swimming Cup 1915 (as seen on ebay)

The Guardian Newspaper 17th April 1953

Jigsaw Box Lid

Jigsaw Box inside lid

One of HMS Conway's Anchor's today at Victoria Dock Caernarfon
The Blazer Badge from    £18-50
The Conway tie by Benson & Clegg  use the web link  
 price £32-50 inc. vat.   This is the Ship Billeted version.


Post Cards of the Time !
HMS Conway Cadet Copies 1946-48 HMS Conway Prospectus 1955
HMS Conway Vol 2 Navigation HMS Conway Navigation Vol 1&2
HMS Conway Blazer Badge & Copy 
HMS Conway 1950's Bantams Rugby Shirt
HMS Conway 1955 Portrait (D G V Matthews)
HMS Conway Shield C H Munday 1970's
HMS Conway C H Munday Label
HMS Conway V Worcester Match 1947

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